GGU Extravaganza

GGU Fans, after a long and difficult season in the toughest soccer league in the Bay Area, the time has come to celebrate! Join the entire team as we celebrate our 2009 San Francisco Soccer Football League Division One Championship. Where: Thieves 14th…Read More

GGU Fundraiser

Hello dear fans of GGU SC; We want to thank to each fan that join us last Sunday to support the team cause. GGU Fundraiser was a complete success. We collected a total amount of $1000. We hope that everyone who attended had a great time, and we look forward…Read More

Save the Date

Hello GGUSC fans; Our first game of season 2009 would be on March 8.The time would be posted by the beginning of next week. We are playing against Club Marin Reserves. 3/16/08 Club Marin Reserves 1 Golden Gate United 1 6/22/08 Golden Gate United 3 Club…Read More

Today result

GGU FC 2 Martin Macks 0

Practice Game

Hello Fans, I would like to thank you all for joining the casue and supporting the team. We are having two practice game that you should come and check. Game 1 GGU FC Vs Martin Macks Place: Crocker Amazon, field 4 Time: 8:00 pm Date: Feb 11, 2009 Game 2 GGU…Read More
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