Our mission is to establish a large bipartisan support base to help push legislation in support of a local control option for Sunday alcohol sales.

Young Democrats of Georgia and the Georgia Federation of Young Republican Clubs have come together in unilateral support of removing the statewide ban on Sunday sales of alcohol. We ask you to join this cause so that we can show our Legislature and our Governor that we stand without party lines in favor of removing regressive legislation.

1. The removal of the statewide ban, allowing voters in each municipality the right to vote to permit or not permit the sales of alcohol on Sunday

2. NOTE: This bill does not make it legal to buy alcohol on Sunday. This bill grants each county or city’s residents the right to vote

3. There is widespread bipartisan support for local regulation of Sunday alcohol sales

4. Local regulation recognizes that Georgia is a diverse State and protects the liberties of every community

5. Sunday is one of the busiest grocery shopping days. Prohibition of beer and wine sales is an injustice to capitalism and an unnecessary inconvenience