To promote a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

Labour, with Liberal Democrat support, have ratted on their manifesto commitment to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty [which is simply the EU Constitution rehashed].

The Tories are happy to adopt the Lisbon Treaty if it has been ratified before the next general election - as it will be unless the Irish vote ‘NO’ in their second referendum.

Whatever the relationship between the Britain and the EU should be, it should be decided by the people in a referendum. It should no longer by determined by duplicitous politicians.

The EU Constitution was rejected by the Dutch and French. The successor Lisbon Treaty has been rejected by the Irish, and would be rejected by the British had we the opportunity to have our say. 41% of the British electorate want a trade-only relationship with the EU, and another 27% want to withdraw from the EU altogether. The Lisbon Treaty is being imposed on us against our wishes.

Other countries have held referendums and it is time for Britain to do likewise. We want our say.

1. An immediate referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

2. A ‘NO’ vote against the Lisbon Treaty should lead to a further referendum on Britain’s future relationship with the EU

3. Britain’s relationship with the EU should be restricted to free trade and an end to rule from Brussels