Help restore sexual pleasure to women who've been forced to undergo clitoral excision! The UN reports over 150 million girls and women around the world have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM).

Although FGM procedures have been banned in several countries, no significant reduction in the procedure has been observed; young girls around the world continue to be subjected to FGM.

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Over 100 million women around the world, living under the oppression of male-dominated cultures (influenced by ancient traditions aimed to have women submit to and be in service of men), have been forced to undergo the painful ordeal of clitoral excision. Such genital mutilation causes women the inability to experience sexual pleasure; ancient tradition continues to force this procedure on women so that they are more likely to remain the “property” of their husbands. According to sources, 98% of Egyptian women have been circumcised. In Burkina Faso, where Clitoraid plans to build a hospital for clitoral restoration, 70% of women have been forced to undergo clitoral excision.

At the age of 13, Banemanie experienced the following: “One morning, four women arrived at my house. My elder sister woke up very early that day and started boiling water on the wooden fire. When the women arrived, my sister tricked me and asked me to go and give a bar of soap to the old woman in the bathroom; so silly of me. I ran there to do it fast and once in front of the toilets, two of the women grabbed me by the arms and put me down on the floor. One was seated on my belly holding my two wrists on my chest, the two others were holding my feet and the old one was in the middle and they excised me and cut my clitoris away without anesthesia. It took me two months to heal...”

Clitoraid needs your help to build their hospital which will provide clitoral restoration. This restorative procedure is important for three reasons; 1) it will restore women's sexual pleasure; 2) it will reduce the population of women who are circumcised, and therefore; 3) it will reduce the popularity of clitoral excision.

1. All women have the right to experience every form of pleasure!

2. Please help Clitoraid build their hospital for clitoral restoration.

3. See important video at: http://www.clitoraid.org/news.php