Update and baby dedication

Elijah is doing well. He has been off of oxygen during ther day for almost 3 weeks now and his tummy tube is out as well. We are praying for weight gain now. Thanks for all the continued prayers. Also Elijah's will be dedicated at 3rd service on August 15th…Read More


ELijah is finally back home and prayerfully for a long while. The Doctors didnt really know why he was throwing up, but think it might have to do with fluid shifting around in his body and that he has to gradually get up to the amount he was getting. He is on…Read More


ELijah was admitted yesterday to Kaiser Bellflower, he is throwing up and the docs dont know why. Please pray for him to be able to keep down his food and for them to know what the problem is. Thanks

Home Finally, Hopefully for good, or at least a long time...

Thanks for all your prayers for Elijah, Brian and Me this stay, it was our longest since he was discharged for the first time from the NICU/ICN at Bellflower. We are managing Elijah's feeds now much better, what he wont eat we feed through the G-Tube. The…Read More


Elijah had a GTube placed on Friday afternoon and is now up to his normal feeding schedule. The Doctors want to see consistent weight gain before he comes home. He is doing well with only a little pain. We are praying that this helps him grow so he can get…Read More


Elijah is now in the hospital again for the 6th time. He is going to have a G-tube surgically put in maybe tomorrow, if not then monday or tuesday. He has lost more weight and has been eating only about 1/2 of the calories he needs to live. Currently he has a…Read More


ELijah is home again finally! He is doing much better. I have decided to not take him out for a long time. He keeps on catching virus' and they make his lungs work extra hard. Please pray for health and growth for Elijah and his lungs! And that Brian and I…Read More
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