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Funding *Nido Adoptivo* is more than just putting up nest boxes. It is about habitat restoration as well.

Just over a year ago, Asociación Armonía became the legal owner of the 8,785 acre Barba Azul Nature Reserve to protect the Beni Savanna ecosystem and the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw.

Bolivia is a poor country that allocates little resources to nature conservation. In August 2009 Asociación Armonía received a "Certificate of Recognition" for its efforts protecting Bolivia’s birds by the National Government. Though the government supports their work, they do not receive any monetary support.

In September 2009, Armonía researchers discovered the Reserve to be an important stopover site for large numbers of Neotropical Migratory birds.

Our long term commitment (through donations) enhances Armonía's ability to access far greater funding to expand the protected range of the Blue-throated Macaw and all other species within that habitat.

Your participation in the *Nido Adoptivo* project helps the overall conservation efforts on many levels.

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We appreciate your help in "Saving the Blues".

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