The mission of the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is to inspire visionary, action-oriented and diverse leadership to work for a just and sustainable future.

As the environmental field changes in fundamental ways and we face a new set of daunting environmental challenges, the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) seeks to fill a longstanding and critical deficiency in the nation: the need to deliberately cultivate new environmental leadership. Regions across the United States need to invest in developing a diverse cohort of emerging leaders who can shape regional and national public agendas on environmental problems, engage new constituencies, as well as spur the development of innovative, equitable and practical solutions.

1. ELP builds vibrant environmental leadership through fellowship programs for emerging leaders in four Regional Networks up and down the East Coast.

2. Each year, networks recruit 20-25 fellows from government, business, the nonprofit sector and academia who participate in a year-long fellowship.

3. Fellows receive three multi-day retreats and additional optional trainings to build their capacity.

4. The curriculum includes strength-based leadership, and the ability to learn new skills related to advocacy, strategic communications and diversity.

5. Visit www.elpnet.org for more information about ELP and fellow recruitment!