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To our most valuable 6.15 Million Members,

We thank you for your kindness and your loyal support over the past nine years. Nine whole years!! Without you, we would be nothing. But with you, we can work together to make this world a healthier, smarter, wiser, more understanding, and all around better place. We have been relatively quiet the past few years because we have been working on a historical shift, and it is now here!

We have been fortunate to evolve from being an idea, to becoming a State-wide non profit, to a Nationally recognized 501(c)3, and finally to a globally recognized organization dedicated to well being. Our growth throughout the years has brought us much joy, from donating funds to cancer research and prevention, to supporting fantastic teen literacy programs such as Get Lit (which have made it all the way to the White House), to supporting the Arts with amazing and truly selfless partnering foundations such as the The Kevin Spacey Foundation.

Today, we are proud to announce the transformation of our membership into two distinct groups with the purpose of encouraging well being and making the world a better place.

The first group, located at is named "The Life & News Forum - Dialogue Powered by Truth" and is a forum of discussion and thought which does not get purchased by special interests, influenced by mainstream media, or unfairly pressured by advertisers. This forum will allow millions of people to engage in useful and purposeful dialogue as it relates to unfiltered knowledge transfer and well being, and will be carefully guided by a trusted news source and partner "Life & News."

The second group will remain as an action driven organization at maintaining the name of "The O Campaign Foundation, the full circle campaign to encourage and support well being." This group will continue the actions which have enabled us to support millions of people in hundreds of ways, and continues to be easily accessible through Facebook.

Please join in both groups as we power our way into a better world; one that is deserved by all, accessible by all, whose discussions are as raw, powerful, and limitless as the positivity of the results we can create together, and whose forums and actions are ultimately powered by the whole truth.


The Leaders of

The Life & News Forum and The O Campaign Foundation


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