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Artists, get out the vote for Change!

To the 10,000+ artists part of this community, I'd like to ask you to continue sharing your work with all of us. Art can influence. Art can be the catalyst for change. This is especially true with the upcoming election and the incredible art that it's inspired, work that spans the globe.

I'm proud to be part of this cause, and as a member of the Causes team (all of the user/nonprofit support e-mails have gone to me over the past year), I'd like to ask you to help make sure everyone on Facebook gets to the polls on election day by making sure our friends do, and that their friends do, and their friends, and their get the idea.

As individuals who are dedicated to making art part of our lives, financial donations aren't always easy. But here's a way to easily contribute through your words and time. Donate your Facebook status and at 12:01am, your friends will automatically be reminded to get to the polls. Everyone's Facebook status message will be the same and we will flood the site with a huge, consolidated message to go vote. Millions of people will come together to make a difference in this election. Because we can.


And keep on creating and believing and supporting each other! Let's do this!


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