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We Heart Art, So Let's Show It

To everyone who believes in the power of art and has joined this cause --

Thank you so much for being a part of "Save a Starving Artist." As the cause creator/administrator, I'd love to ask for volunteers to help build and evolve this cause into something bigger. Art is important, but often does not feel as urgent in the face of causes such as Save Darfur and disaster relief and cancer research. However, I believe that the creativity and imagination of artists and art lovers like you has the ability to change the world.

Let's change it together -- post your art to the media wall, share it, comment on each other's work. Pllease let me know if you want to become an administrator of this cause. E-mail [email protected] if you'd like to assist me in making this cause relevant, so that we can support each other and make others realize that art is essential in the world.

Thank you for being you. All we can do is be ourselves, as artists, and you are extraordinary and inspiring. It's time for an art revolution.


[email protected]

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