To support artists in the hopes that funding and connections will allow them to continue creating works that the world can share. To reinstate arts education in schools globally. Bring back patronage!

It worked for Leonardo Da Vinci and Damien Hirst, didn't it?

Arts funding has been cut in schools across the nation. Kids need crayons and tempera paint, not rote memorization and over-scheduled days of cramming for state testing.

In exchange for financial and moral support, artists can be paired with an elementary, middle, or high school to provide instruction, at little or no cost to the school.We need more music, creative writing, visual and performing arts in our schools. Why can't we reinstate the Renaissance's system of patronage so that anyone who wants to commission a work from an artist can do so if they have the means to make it happen?

We all have to start somewhere.

"Artist" refers to visual artists, musicians, writers, poets, dancers, actors, and beyond.

Currently, "Save a Starving Artist" supports Art Production Fund, a NYC-based nonprofit that "collaborates as producer/curator with selected artists who propose ambitious public artworks. APF endeavors to assist with projects that extend the physical, financial, or typical boundaries of art institutions. The intention is to incorporate pivotal artwork into diverse public arenas while simultaneously supporting the visions of contemporary artists. Upon completion, APF reaches out to the community to develop interest in the work among a diverse audience."

1. Revive arts education and programs in schools across the globe, with funding, teachers, and support.

2. Create a network of artists and patrons that is mutually beneficial, allowing artists to stage their work with the support they need.