To uphold and protect our constitutional right to bear arms

we are trying to protect our constitutional right to bear arms. every day more people are trying to infringe on that right. criminals do not buy their guns legally, and will continue to buy gus even if this country bans them. Canada, and England banned guns and their crime rates tripled. crimanals will not attack people if they think everyone is armed. if the government can abolish one of our rights it is easier to take away all of them!!!!!please help us fight for our rights!!!

1. we have the right to bear arms, but politicians want to take that away

2. criminals do not buy their firearms legally, crime rates drop when the criminals think everyone is armed

3. help protect our most important right to defend ourselves from threats from our governtment

4. if the government wants to take away one right from the bill of rights, whos to say they wont abolish the rest?