This cause is dedicated to the memory of Zachariah Markus Dial whose died from serve Hydrocephalus and serve heat defects.

I am starting this group in memory of my son Zachariah Markus Dial. Born Feb 7th 2007 and past away Feb 16th 2007. Each year around his birthday I tried to do something special. It's my way of giving back for the wonderful 9 days he was here with us. He was an angel sent to. He was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and serve heart defects when I was 5 months pregant. Hydrocephalus is also called "water head" It's basically where the part of the brain that produces and circulates spinal fluid is defected and builds up in the brain and does not flood and drain like it should. There are many forms of Hydrocephalus. Some people can live through it with a procedure called shunt surgery. I will try to post some links that will help you understand it more. Hydrocephalus can cause many other problems like spinal bifia, mental retardation, causing the head to grow bigger. Please help in way possible by donating to the Hydrocephalus foundation to help in research to cure this problem or donate the missfoundation for those who have lost a child to some problem or diease that took their life. This group will also be here to help others with that same situation I was in or have a child or family member that has Hydrocephalus.

1. http://www.hydroassoc.org/help/join

2. http://www.missfoundation.org/

3. http://www.missingangelsbill.org/