Aiding the orphans and impoverished children in Azua

Better Future International has a project called Casa Ana, in Azua, Dominican Republic

On June 29th 2009 we began operations in Azua, Dominican Republic with a comprehensive summer education program at Casa Ana, a donated home operating as a community center and school. We raised money to help 25 orphans in need of nutritious food, medical services and a proper education.

The 2010 summer program was completed in August. We provided tutoring, computer classes and enrichment programs. It is very important that Casa Ana have enough funding to meet the basic operating costs, or else these children and their impoverished families will suffer. Our staff is noticing an increase in drug use and prostitution in the neighborhood. With no one to speak up for them, these children remain invisible as there are no existing social services to address their needs.

Better Future International operates a network of community centers in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. BFI provides for the physical, emotional, educational, and social needs of children who are victims of natural disasters, armed conflicts and other family crises that have caused them to lose their parents, homes and chances for a normal life and a better future.


1. Feed the children

2. Provide medical services

3. Facilitate access to education

4. Protect orphaned and abandoned children