With your help, Dance Place can be DEBT FREE and pay off our mortgage!

Dear Friends,
In these tough economic times, Dance Place remains passionate in presenting the best in dance and providing our youth with constructive creative education programs that help them grow in the right direction.

We need your help!

Dance Place’s mortgage is due
With Your Help –
Our Door is Always Open

A donation of $20 or more, from all of our thousands of supporters, will help us pay off our mortgage which comes due this September. We only owe $200,000 on our building. Because of the recent lending crisis it will be difficult to refinance the mortgage.

We’re turning to you, our donors, students, audience members and fellow performers, who value Dance Place and all our services, to give $20 towards a secure future for all of us.

Please forward this message to your friends and family who value the arts as much as you do.

Please Donate Now!

Paying off our mortgage ensures that the doors of our vital community center stay open for:

Dancers: Our theater is home base for the work of local dance companies

Performances: Over 600 dance artists, from all over the country, grace our stage annually

Children: We provide them with creative, educational mentorship after school

Campers: Our summer program concentrates on arts immersion and life skills training

Schools: Thousands of students & teachers are inspired through our Outreach & Inreach programs

College interns: A life-changing opportunity; hands-on training in dance and arts administration

If we all pitch in, we can strengthen our present and secure a bright future for the many artists, children and families who find Dance Place an oasis in their lives. With your help we can fulfill our mission to transform lives through the performing arts and creative education.

With grateful thanks,
Carla Perlo, Deborah Riley and all of us at Dance Place!

1. Dance Place owns our facility and only owes $200,000 on our mortgage!

2. With a contribution of only $20 each, 10,000 donors would make us debt free!

3. Please visit http://www.danceplace.org for more information