My sisters !

The days of ignorance are over ! now, time to change...change your habits, your behaviours, you thoughts, your entire life towards a better life and a better future. My sisters ! starting from the hadith of our beloved prophet Sallah allahu alyhi wa salam…Read More

عيد سعيد .. وكل عام وأنتم بخير

I wish a Happy Eid Al Fitr to all who will be celebrating it tomorrow or the day after! Eid Al Fitr is a day of joy and thanksgiving. On this day, Muslims show their joy for the health, strength and opportunities of life, which Allah has given them to…Read More

You are a women - you are an angel!

Although many people will not agree with me, but I see women as angels. Well, I am talking about the status given to women regardless to what they do and who they are. I believe they are our partners in life and hereafter. Here are some reasons why I love…Read More


Hello I just created a new group and page which aim at bringing to our minds the value of women and their contributions to the world. And If I am asked billion times what is the other definition of beauty I would answer WOMEN...The women is my grandmother,…Read More

I am BOYCOTTING FB on October 24th, to protest all these hatred groups towards Islam.

Everyone, please change your status to: "I am BOYCOTTING FB on October 24th, to protest all these hatred groups towards Islam. FB please delete these groups as they only promote hate and disrupt peace. Muslims and non-Muslims peace-loving friends, please help…Read More The Largest Islamic Project on the Internet The Largest Islamic Project on the Internet. A Brighter Future for the Ummah as Muslims come together toward a Common Vision, Mission, Goals, and Voice. Please kindly Fan us and suggest Fan Page to all your friends Jazakum Allahu…Read More

Articles of Faith

Assalmo Aleykom, I am glade to share with you an amazing article I read, I thought it would help you to remember the most perfect and complete basics a Muslim should believe in A Muslim believes in One God, Supreme and Eternal, Infinite and Mighty, Merciful…Read More
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