A Brighter Future for the Ummah as Muslims come together toward a Common Vision, Mission, Goals, and Voice.

Madina.com: The Largest Islamic Project on the Internet. A Brighter Future for the Ummah as Muslims come together toward a Common Vision, Mission, Goals, and Voice.

Our Vision is to be the Premiere Muslim Online Social Networking Community. We endeavor to be the service rich gateway into every Muslim home by providing holistic service portfolio’s spanning all segments of daily life. Our hope is to create an Islamic environment of unity, trust and belief whereby all Muslims can live faithfully by the tenants of Islam in an online community that facilitates everyday interactions.

"It is the Mission of Madina.com to foster unity through providing members a completely Islamic social community to fulfill and enrich their daily lives through unity and a blend of services, education, businesses and community and family living networks."

What is Madina.com?


Madina was the first city of Islam where Islam started, foundations were laid. Madina created brotherhood, organization, structure, teaching of Qur'an and knowledge, an environment of sacrifice, learning, all associations with tribe, nationality, color, race, was erased. And a new brotherhood of Islam was formed. Muslims from all areas of the world would come together for the love of Allah and Prophet Mohammad, come together with their fellow brothers and sisters to enjoying good and forbid evil and work together as an Ummah.


Madina.com will be the World's Largest Virtual City for Muslims to come together for an ultimate shared vision. Madina.com will strengthen the community by bringing brothers and sisters from different races, schools of thought and foster brotherhood in Islam. This will be the most successful media tool for bringing Muslims together on common goals and bring Muslims closer together through dialog and shared initiatives.

Madina.com is an alternative to Facebook and will connect all Muslims on the internet together, with all the Scholars, Sheikhs, and Islamic Preachers of the world. Madina.com will insh'Allah connect the world's Mosques, Islamic Organizations, Islamic Businesses, Schools…etc

Madina.com will help the Muslims, learn, teach each other in different subjects in Islam (Qur'an, Tajweed, Arabic Language…ect) and Life (Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Computer Science…ect) and to get involved and become active. Madina.com will help Muslims to unite, become organized all over the world, and for each Muslim to do their part as a member of this Jama'ah

Madina.com will keep the youth away from sites which encourage evil, and will give them an alternative, which will help them strengthen their Deen and be with good friend.

Madina.com will come out in many languages; Arabic, English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Chinese…etc

Why Madinah.com?

Madina.com is not a media where users sit back and listen and get motivated for a short time. The essence of Madinah.com encourages users to become active, as students, scholars, teachers, leaders, volunteers and to invite their circle of friends in the various projects, thereby increasing momentum and changing the mindset of the Muslim Ummah, from passive to active members of this world.

From the technical point of view, only an internet social network like Madina.com can carry functions of TV, Radio, Press, Books, Audio, and Mobile, all in one.

1. Entirely Islamic Social Network

2. Latest technology and innovations

3. Knowledge Center, Educational Center, Fatwa Center, Marriage Center

4. Blogs, Discussion Forums, Audio/Video Chat with Knowledgeable and Well-Known Scholars/Sheikhs/Islamic Preachers

5. Madina Mobile