Last Week!!!!

Hey you guys! Last week to buy tickets at 25$ before they go up to 30$ at the door. please get in contact with us so you can get your tickets! this beef and beer willl be one you will be talking about for years!!!

the beef and beer tickets

if you haven't got you ticket yet for the beef and beer you can contact one of the following me at 215 478 1893 jeff stich @ 215 378 9792 joel werline @ 215 630 4163 nicole dippolito @ 267 249 4712

We will come to you!!

The Crew M.C have been our this weekend dropin off tickets and takin money. Can't make it any easier for you to get these tickets. so hit me up and let me know where you live and we will ride to your house and drop them off!!

Please Purchase These Tickets!!

Thank you all for all who said they would come to the beef N' beer. Now is the time to purchase these tickets. We need to get an estimate on how many people are actually going to come. Please feel free to contact me Jeff Stich at 215-378-9792. Thanks again!!


( Jeff Stich, Joel Werline, Ian kennedy, Mike Richards have the tickets. If you want them Call me our e mail me for my number. We have 400 tickets and I am sure they will…Read More

Beef And Beer!!!!!

Yes thats right! April 25 2009 7-11pm. Its a sat night so don't even try to tell me you have plans. Tickets are 25$ in advance, 30$ at the door. There will be tons of raffles (spelling?) and auctions! Preston and Steve have been notified and are in! It will…Read More

Dan The MIRACLE man is HOME!!!!

VIA Patty: DANNY'S HOME HEALTHY!!!! HE DID IT!!! The same doctor that was adamant about him doing his 21 days at the hospital released him today after only 2 weeks. I guess he didn't take into consideration the fact he was dealing with dan the miracle man. He…Read More
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