Membership drive

Our local new station (with-held until after filming) will be at the school Monday, March 8, 2010 to do some filming. They will showcase kids that have had the chance to learn Music, and mention the efforts we have tried to get this Used Instrument Drive…Read More

Never Too Late to Learn is in America's Giving Challenge—Let's win $50,000!

Hi everyone, Our cause just entered in America's Giving Challenge, which gives us a chance to win $50,000! Please donate today: To win, between now and November 7th we have to get the…Read More

Invite your friends please

 If you have not already done so....could you all invite your friends to this cause? I am sure there is someone out there with a Musical Instrument just sitting around catching dust! Or a few people with an extra $10.00 to donate so the school can restore the…Read More

Please sign this petition This will help send our State the message that parents want choices. Children have the right to quality Education. Charters are out preforming other schools and the competition helps improve every school. If you would like more…Read More

Make a difference... it matters to us!

The charter school that I am at here is the greatest! I don't know if you know how grants from the Department of Education works, but in general, if you are a school that is achieving success, then you usually get passed over so the extra money goes to the…Read More
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