The bloodsport of Horse Fighting must end and local laws enforced

On Sundays and fiesta days the crowd gathers to watch a bloody battle of two stallions pitted against each other with the lure of a mare in season tethered in the small arena. These fights can last for minutes or hours often to the death. For those that suffer fatal injuries there is no vet care and often horses are cruely slaughtered and barbequed for the crowd. The bloodier the battle the more the crowd cheers - often weaker stallions are pitted against stronger horses just to get the crowd revved up. Stallions are often injured just by trying to flee the arena, visiting vets have witnessed eye popped from the sockets of stallions due to the severity of the blows from a rival. Often too the mare suffers blows from the stallions during the fight in which she is forced to mate with the winner of each fight -up 30times a day. These fights are illegal in the Philippines but they continue due to local laws not being enforced and often sponsored by corrupt mobs,and are even televised, for a poor country the Philippines certainly have alot of money to gample on these fights.
For those who wish to sign the petition advising the Filipino Government that you want them to enforce their own laws and stop the barbaric bloodsport of Horse Fighting please sign my on line petition at

it only takes a minute to have your voice heard

1. please sign at: http://www.gopetition.com.au/petitions/ban-horse-fighting-in-the-philippines.html

2. It is against the Law but often through corruption does it exhist and only through te threat of the loss of tourist dollars will it end

3. please go to Networkforanimals.org for more info