Non profit organization who trains guide dogs for disabled military veterans, This is a very special cause and I would like to help raise money for this program. This cause is very important to me

This is so important to me, There are many other fine causes out there and I know times are tough but even the smallest contribution would be greatly accepted, This money will go to training guide dogs for wounded/disabled veterans returning home from overseas combat. If we can even raise enough to get one dog trained that would be incredible, Please feel free to pass this along to others and please contribute if you feel that this cause is worthy, I know I do!!! Thank you again

1. http://www.guidedogs.org/

2. Non Profit organization who helps train guide dogs for our disabled military veterans

3. Even the smallest contribution would help

4. Southeastern Guide Dogs 4210 77th Street East • Palmetto, FL 34221 • Telephone: 941.729.5665