Tell our political leaders and representatives (regardless of political party) that we continue to support the Supreme Court ban on partial birth abortions!

This group was started in memory of a woman who, many years ago (31 to be exact) had an abortion when she was 6 weeks pregnant. She regretted that act, that death, every day of her life since. No matter where you fall on the issue of "when does life begin?", if you believe it's wrong to kill and dismember unborn baby that can survive outside the uterus, please join this group and pass the word. Thank you on behalf of all the babies!!

1. Partial birth abortions are cruel and unnecessary

2. Doctors performing partial-birth abortions should be prosecuted for homicide

3. Insurance companies should refuse to pay for the costs associated with partial-birth abortions

4. http://www.nrlc.org/abortion/facts/pbafacts.html