$4.5 million in cuts in just one district

Here is an example of the proposed cuts in one district that is not very large (only 8 schools). If you look at some of these, imagine what Mesa, Scottsdale, Phx El and PV are going to have to make. Also, food for thought. Governor Brewer proposed a bill…Read More

March 4 Schools tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is the March 4 Schools protest in downtown. I'm sure there are many people thinking why bother, it won't make a difference...but it will! Our association president made the comment, as a teacher if every parent of every child you taught was standing…Read More

Register now for March4Schools

Register Online for March4Schools! If you haven't yet, be sure to register online for the March4Schools rally at www.march4schools.com. The website - www.march4schools.com - has added some new items, including a list of upcoming events related to the rally…Read More

March 4 Schools- Tell the legislators how you feel!

March4Schools Just Two Weeks Away Help organize the largest mobilization of education supporters this state has ever seen and make the March4Schools rally a success. On January 31, the state legislature cut over $350 million from public education for the…Read More

Example of budget cuts this year in just one school district- get a taste of what's to come

February 17, 2009 Dear Parents and Staff : As you know Arizona currently faces an economic deficit in the billions. The state is short $1.6 billion for this year and expects a $3.5 billion shortfall for next. This crisis has a serious financial impact on K-12…Read More

Details of the cuts to the 2010 budget.

Source: Arizona Education Association (2.6.09) Appropriation Chairmen’s Proposed K-12 Budget Cuts (Senator Russell Pearce & Representative John Kavanagh) Released: January 16, 2009 Potential Education Funding Cuts for FY2010 budget (2009-2010 school…Read More

Tell the Senate to Pass the Recovery Bill

February 9, 2009 SPECIAL ALERT TELL SENATE TO PASS ECONOMIC RECOVERY BILL Thanks to your e-mails to your Senators last week, threatened cuts to education in the Senate economic recovery proposal were largely averted. A compromise reached this weekend leaves…Read More
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