Join Women on the Bridges on the International Women’s Day!

Dear Friends, Happy Women's Day!!! On March 8, men and women around the world will unite on bridges near them, calling for peace, in solidarity with women in Afghanistan and elsewhere who are marginalized in their country’s peace processes. Click on the link…Read More

Say NO to Violence Against Women

About this Petition: Today, violence against women and girls is entrenched in every society. Worldwide, at least one of every three women has faced some form of physical or psychological repression, most notably through sex trafficking, domestic abuse,…Read More

Stop The Violence

Worldwide scandal Violence against women is the greatest human rights scandal of our times. From birth to death, in times of peace as well as war, women face discrimination and violence at the hands of the state, the community and the family. * At least one…Read More

Biden's Legacy Tied to International VAWA

The Obama Campaign has already trumpeted Sen. Joe Biden's work as author, sponsor, and rustler-up of votes on the Violence Against Women Act, which was passed under President Clinton and renewed under President Bush. Biden himself cites it as one of the…Read More

Say NO To Violence Widget

Dear Friends, Thanks to you, more than 375,000 individuals have given their names to UNIFEM to be counted in the Say NO to Violence against Women campaign, helping to break the silence and give voice to women and girls who have experienced violence. The 25…Read More

Australian PM vows to support anti-violence against women

CANBERRA, Sept. 17 (Xinhua) -- Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Wednesday committed 2 million dollars (1.6 million U.S. dollars) for research into the male attitudes that lead to domestic and sexual violence against women in the country. While giving…Read More

Tanzanian Parliament Signs onto UNIFEM's Say NO to Violence against Women Campaign

Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda led the Tanzanian National Assembly in signing onto UNIFEM's Say NO to Violence against Women campaign at a ceremony on 22 July 2008, which was witnessed by UN Deputy Secretary-General Asha Rose Migiro. The Speaker of the National…Read More
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