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Has Advocacy for Patients Touched Your Life...

... or the life of someone you know?  If so -- or even if you support the work we do every day, helping chronically ill patients get insurance coverage, disability, employment rights, family and medical leave, and school rights for chronically ill children, please consider making a year-end donation.  If each of you gave $10, it would get us through a month!

I know you know about our great health insurance victories, but there's more to what we do.  Just now, I spoke to the mom of young Ricky with Crohn's disease.  Ricky was unable to go to school because his teachers were going to make him serve detention due to absences even though he had doctor's notes for every absence.  We wrote a letter, participated in a meeting with the school (by speakerphone, we do this all over the country), and the school not only agreed to waive the detention, but they will be giving Ricky one-on-one help whenever he misses even one day of school. 

We need to be there for the next kid like Ricky who comes along.  For us to be there, we have to raise every single dollar we spend.  Although we keep our overhead as low as possible, this year, we added a second lawyer and moved out of my house so that we can keep up with increased demand.  In this economy, growing like that is kind of scary.  It's only due to people like you that we are able to meet the demand for our services.

$10 is all we ask.  It may mean the world to a kid like Ricky.

Thanks, and happy holidays! 

Jennifer and the Advocacy for Patients Team

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