Asking for PRAYER again tonight!

Julian just came into my room after taking his own temperature. He's got a low grade fever again! Please keep him in prayer! We test his counts again next Tuesday. Thank you!

Long overdue UPDATE!

I have been so terrible at keeping everyone updated. Here is where we are now: As of February 2012, Julian finished his last chemo treatment. He will be completely in the clear in August. God has healed my son and has met all our needs! PRAISE HIM PRAISE HIM…Read More

Julian's First IVIG transfusion

Julian's first transfusion went well. So far NO reaction to it. I will have to monitor him for 24 hours. It was such a LONG day. It took 6 hours to transfuse and then an extra 1/2 hour to "observe" for reaction. Hopefully this will help his immune system and…Read More


I'm am happy to announce that the money to help save our storage was raised. THANK YOU ALL for your continued support and prayers. Julian has been fighting bronchitis for the past 2 weeks. Please keep him in your prayers that he will get well soon and be…Read More

Thank You all!

Thank you to all our members who continue to pray for Julian! Please keep us in your prayers as we try to come up with $220 to save our stuff in storage. Westmorland Storage has been kinds enough to wait his long without selling our belongings. They know the…Read More

UPS Package returned, who sent it?

ATTN: Someone ordered and shipped Julian a package from his AMAZON wish list or Target, but the package was returned to sender "undeliverable". UPS said they tried to deliver 3x, but we were there and they never came. When we went to the UPS office, they…Read More

Julian Dover update

I just posted some NEW pics of our photo shoot with SD Chargers at the "Kicks for Kids" conference at the SD Ronald McDonald House. Check um out:
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