New Blog Up on Facebook and Blogger by Sean! Check it out!

Hi Everyone! Gena here...your Community Outreach Director for the CancerClimber Association. Wanted to invite you all to read our latest blog by our CancerClimber himself, Sean Swarner. I find you will thoroughly enjoy the read and it will remind you to as…Read More

"I will survive. My cancer will not." BLOG

Hello Wonderful CancerClimber Supporters! We HOPE you all are geared up to have a fabulous weekend! We would like to invite you to check out Sean's latest blog on our Blog Spot page. It is our goal to get in touch once a week to…Read More

We need your help and it is very easy

We are currently campaigning to get Sean on the Ellen show. This would do wonders for the CCA and possible funding, not to mention the great press. If you would just take a moment and leave a comment here..and if you are so inclined contact the Ellen show, we…Read More

Trip to NYC Blog-- by Sean Swarner

(Quick note from Gena :) Hope this finds everyone well! We got this blog up a little late as it should of been posted before the "What's Important" Blog. Better a little late than never! Don't forget to check out Sean's Blog at!…Read More

"What's Important?" Blog written by Sean Swarner----

Happy New Year! So all last night I was talking to Ben and his brother Jeremy about what was going on in Boulder. In case you didn’t hear, there have been some pretty intense fires just north of Boulder (where I live) on the Dakota Ridge and on the…Read More

Sean appearing on the TODAY SHOW this Saturday!

Check out the CancerClimber BLOGSPOT for more information and updates: Again, we hope you join and invite your friends! KEEP CLIMBING!!!

Excited to announce Sean's BLOGSPOT!

Hello EVERYONE! Lots of EXCITING NEWS coming to you this week as we gear up for the Ford IRONMAN World Championships on Saturday! Check out Sean's new blog and find out all the latest directly from our CancerClimber himself! We would love to get the word…Read More
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