It's OK! [A web page & request for Comments.]

Weary of all the negative, nasty, contentious noise and ranting that passes for news or commentary these days, I just published a permanent page on my Inspired Project Teams blog titled: It’s OK! (See main…Read More

Whoops! Forgot the URL to "Become a Project Mgt. Minimalist Podcast"

Sorry: Here's the URL: Or it's up on iTunes under the Inspired Project Teams podcast:   - Mike

New Free Podcast: Become a Project Management Minimalist

It's hard to be happy if you don't know what you're doing! This 37-minute Inspired Project Teams podcast is unusual, because it focuses less on the inspirational side of project management and more on the “nuts and bolts” best practices that can help your…Read More

Two Great Collections of Free Inspirational Resources

Hi folks - I just posted a notification about the following freebies on my blog, Inspired Project Teams [ ], but here's the cut and pasted post. Enjoy some free inspiration and spread some happiness! - Mike…Read More

10 Specific Actions That Can Help You Become Happier

In this new 25-minute podcast (blog post) on Inspired Project Teams, we focus on the individual instead of the team. After all, teams are made up of individuals. And when individual team members are happy, there’s a good chance the entire team will be…Read More

Great Little Videos Summarize "Big Ideas" About Happiness

My friend Brian Johnson is at it again! He's spun off some amazing short (10 minute!) videos on a bunch of topics at his PhilosophersNotes TV website. Two that will help you and your fellow workers get on the trail of More Happiness in the Workplace…Read More

Free Podcast: Consciously Choose Your Attitude

 Hi all - I just published a new podcast titled "Consciously Choose Your Attitude." The idea is that your attitude is a choice... it's not your destiny! In fact, "Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you live in darkness or light, in a field of crackling…Read More
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