Stop the contruction of the San Miguel Four Seasons Resort and the Dos Mares Marriott Resort

The Northeast Ecological Corridor on Puerto Rico's eastern shoreline represents the natural beauty that makes this United States territory such a popular destination. Its 3,200 acres include forests, wetlands, beaches, coral communities, a bioluminescent lagoon and one of the hottest surfing spots on Puerto Rico's east coast: "La Selva" (the jungle). This is home to many people who are fighting for their rights to keep what belogs to them, unfortunetly this is not enough and we could use all the help we can get. This area is also a nesting ground for the leatherback turtle which is an endangered species. This alone should be enough to stop the construction of both resorts, but it isn't. The leatherback turtle has existed since the begining of time, unfortunetly that is comming to an end and we should do the best we can to stop this from happening and constucting two resorts will not help at all.


2. We must protect mother nature

3. No Todo Lo Que Tiene Un Precio Se Vende