Governor Patterson wants to increase the tax on alcohol and allow super markets to sell wine and liquor. 1000's of small, family owned, boutique wine shops will go out of business. We must stop him!

We are trying to defeat a new law that will have dire consequences for people in the fine wine trade and consumers alike. This is a weak, politically expedient attempt at fixing a massive budget problem. Local, small businesses will be forced to compete with large grocery chain stores with an almost unlimited cash advantage. If that's not enough, there will be greater potential for alcohol to get into the hands of minors with this being passed, burdening our officers of the law as well. Join our cause to keep the American dream within the common person's grasp!

1. Allowing super markets to sell wine will limit consumer choice to mass produced, commodity brands.

2. Allowing super markets to sell wine will destroy the age-old profession of being a fine wine merchant.

3. Consumers look to experts for advice on wine, not Produce Department workers...

4. No need for MORE taxes and regulations on alcohol or small business owners.

5. Super market chains will rarely if ever store wine at required temperatures.