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Hi Everyone Just wanted to thank everyone for the support. This is an important issue in our communities. It hasn't stop, Indigenous Australian's are still being incarcerated at a higher rate than non-Indigenous people, and continue to be neglected and…Read More


Hi Members, Recently an Aboriginal Elder from Western Australia died while being transported in police custody. The case is currently in court. The story has been all over the Western Australian media, and seems to be played out as a blame game with none…Read More

Elder in prison van death had severe burns

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Hi Everyone Just wanted to welcome new members, and to say thank for joining. By joining you are keeping alive the memory of those who were taken from us. Please check back to the Cause and take up the pledge and invite 100 members to join. The more members…Read More

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Hi Everyone. Just wanted to say hello from Melbourne to everyone, and Welcome our newest members.. We have more than 2000 members since this Cause started 16 day ago.. I am really happy to see people recruiting and taking the Pledge. This is a really…Read More

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Thanx so much to all our members who have taken the pledge. We have reached 1000 members in less than a week.. I know this is a cause that is close to everyone's heart. I would like to know if ppl want to add pics of lost loved ones, I know that its not…Read More

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Hi Everyone Almost 200 new members overnight.. Thanx so much for those who have taken the pledge.. And welcome to our new members. The more people who are aware of this Cause the better chance we have to provide support and remember those who were taken in…Read More
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