Yes on 100...

The budget looks to be a done deal, but further massive cuts are expected if we do not pass Prop 100. I strongly encourage you all to get everyone breathing voting age person you know to support Prop 100.

Protect Arizona School Funding 2010 - Cause Recruitment

The 2010 Legislative Session has begun and we can expect a need to be deeply involved as we were last year. Before we are inundated with calls for action (emails, protests, picnics, phone calls), let's increase our Cause membership to spread the advocacy…Read More

Urgent Action Needed! Ask Governor to Veto Budget

This afternoon the Senate by Republican-only vote passed the budget bills minus the Governor's key piece-the referral of the sales tax. The budget that was passed today mirrors the budget that the Republican Legislature passed on June 30/July 1. This means…Read More

Urgent - Call to Action

I have another call to action for you...HELP us fight a new HORRIBLE budget for schools! 1. Be at the Capitol at noon on Wednesday, July 29th and show our "leadership" we will not stand for this! 2. Have all your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues…Read More

Temporary AZ Budget Fix...

Prior to sharing good news, I would like to thank all of those who have rallied, emailed, phoned, and visited their legislators. You have made a tremendous difference and your continued activism is paramount to continue the cooperation necessary between both…Read More

The final stretch - Join the Heat Wave

June is just around the corner, so don't forget to sign up online for the March4Schools Heat Wave at the Capitol. This is our last chance to impact legislators on the FY10 budget and prevent massive cuts to education…Read More

House Appropriations Committee to Hear Budget Package Tomorrow

The House Republican Leadership unveiled a budget package today that includes nearly $1 billion in cuts to K-12 education. These budget bills will be heard tomorrow in the House Appropriations Committee. The education budget bill is HB 2639. With a host of…Read More
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