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“You’ve Got Mail; Angels Mail That Is…”

Dear Angels, Troops and Supporters,

"You’ve Got Mail; Angels Mail That Is…”

Do you have a webcam? Put it to use and send a FREE video email to anyone from “Angels Mail” and a donation will be made to Soldiers’ Angels. The more video emails you send, the more you help Soldiers’ Angels. It is easy to use, check it out

Angels Mail was created by Marlo Anderson for Soldiers’ Angels as a thank you for what our organization does to support the troops, as his son is in the National Guard and received support from Soldiers’ Angels while he was deployed.

What else is new regarding our social media? Soldiers’ Angels launched our new Twitter Background that the MindComet team created for us as a part of the CommuniCause $25,000 Social Media Makeover. Some people might think “No one is going to see your Twitter background - everyone uses a mobile device or desktop application.” They’d be right - but only in part. People who are reading an account’s tweets are generally already subscribed to the account. In this case, it’s really about spreading the word and gathering new followers and supporters. A Twitter background is just like a Facebook landing page. Upon arrival, the user is posed with a decision: should they follow or not? Putting our best WINGS forward is crucial to enhance our success in that decision making progress for others to follow us on

Our Facebook Landing Page has all the makings of intrigue. If you are not a “fan” or “like us” already, please check out our Fan Page When you arrive at our Landing Page you will see we offer three simple options; To Adopt, To Donate or to Join a Team. These three options are crucial to the existence of Soldiers’ Angels.

At any given point in time, we have hundreds of service members waiting to be adopted by individuals across the globe with a simple commitment during the deployment of that warrior with 1 letter a week and 1 package a month.

We are also a one stop shop in troop support with over thirty teams to choose from. If you want to bake, we have the Angel Bakers. If you want to help the wounded, we have the Wounded TLC team. There is a place for you if you love babies, canines or chaplains. We have the Ladies of Liberty that focuses on pampering deployed females. We have teams for veteran and family support and many more.

If you don't have time to volunteer, but have the financial resources, we have a place for you too, you can make a donation online, via mail or by texting “Soldiers” to 20222.

There is a place for everyone at Soldiers’ Angels. We encourage you to check out all our options. Our American warriors, veterans and their families deserve to know that we stand wingtip-to-wingtip in support of all they have done for the freedom, rights and liberties we have as American citizens. As Patti Patton-Bader our founder says, “Each of our volunteers create ripples of kindness that add up to an ocean of greatness."

Remember all those that have served on Veterans' Day and bow your heads in thanks this Thanksgiving Day. “Be There” for our warriors… they are always “There” for us.


Patti Patton-Bader

Shelle Michaels
National Communication Officer

[email protected]

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