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Congressman Bob Brady's district is second in the nation for food hardship

The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) released a report on Monday, January 25, ranking Pennsylvania's First Congressional District -- including parts of Philadelphia -- the second-highest for "food hardship" in the United States.

Prof. Mariana Chilton, Director of the Witnesses to Hunger program based at the Drexel School of Public Health, agrees with this assessment, according to a front-page article in The Philadelphia Inquirer today.

From today's article: "This is absolutely awful," Prof. Chilton said. "Millions of children are still experiencing food insecurity" - being unable to consistently get enough to eat.... In her own study, through research at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in North Philadelphia, Chilton was able to show that in Philadelphia households with children under age 3, 11.2 percent had food insecurity in 2006, compared with 19.4 percent last year.

"It's the economic downturn and inadequate income support for low-income families," she said. "The safety net does not work well."

Chilton said the FRAC study was valuable because it described conditions of poverty within each congressional district.

"I can speak directly with [Pennsylvania Representative Bob] Brady and the others and say, 'Look at this rate. How are you going to handle this?'"

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