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Great news, but we still need a law

On Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency took a historic step to protect our communities from the devastating effects of mountaintop removal coal mining. After months of consideration, EPA’s Region 3 office announced its recommendation to veto the permit for the controversial Spruce No. 1 Mine in Logan County, WV.

While the decision is not yet final, this precedent-setting decision could not have been possible with out actions taken by citizens like you.

Just two weeks ago, thousands of people like yourself rallied at D.C.'s Appalachian Rising to demand an end to mountaintop removal. Earlier this week, 50 bipartisan members of Congress sent a letter to the EPA supporting the agency’s actions to end mountaintop removal, and West Virginia Congressman Nick Rahall was quoted as saying that there were now 400 votes in the House to end mountaintop removal. Today we get the news that the EPA is taking responsibility to protect us from the impacts of the largest mountaintop removal site in West Virginia’s history.

The Spruce No. 1 mine would bury almost 7 miles of essential, high-quality headwater streams, damaging and killing native wildlife and stream ecology.

While this news is great for the communities adjacent to the mine, there are hundreds of similar communities being polluted and poisoned every day by other mountaintop removal mining operations.

Help us take the momentum from this news to the next level—creating a law which will permanently protect the communities of Appalachia.

Contact your Senators today and ask them to sponsor the Appalachia Restoration Act (S. 696) to end valley fills and protect our water.

We need to create a law to permanently curtail the devastating effects of mountaintop removal coal mining. Thanks for all you do!

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