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Victory for Appalachia, EPA vetoes Spruce Mine Permit!

Today marks a historic victory in the efforts to protect Appalachia and end the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal mining.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced its decision earlier this morning to protect mountain communities and the health of Appalachian citizens by vetoing the largest single mountaintop removal coal mining permit in West Virginia history, the Spruce No. 1 Mine.

This couldn’t have happened without your support. In making this decision the EPA reviewed more than 50,000 comments from concerned citizens like you.

Thank the EPA for taking this bold step:

Today’s decision will protect more than six miles of high quality streams from being buried under 110 million cubic yards of toxic coal mining waste--streams whose water tables provide drinking water for the region. In addition to protecting water quality and the health of local citizens, this decision protects more than 2,200 acres of mountains and forestlands in Logan Co, WV that would have been destroyed.

Unfortunately, this decision only impacts one mine, in one state. The impacts of the Spruce Mine are not unique, and, unless stopped completely, mountaintop removal coal mining will continue to destroy the natural and cultural heritage of Appalachia.

We need Congress to follow the leadership of the EPA by making these protections permanent. Contact your Congressperson today and urge them to support the Clean Water Protection Act in the House of Representatives and The Appalachia Restoration Act in the United States Senate.

Contact your members of Congress today!

Thanks for all you do,

Matt Wasson

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