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ACT NOW: 24 hour window to impact crucial EPA decision

The Environmental Protection Agency is getting ready to close public comments on important restrictions on mountaintop removal coal mining.

Please take a minute to submit your comment:

It is critical that the EPA hear from citizens that strict restrictions on mountaintop removal are necessary in order to protect the communities and waters of Appalachia.

Last April, the EPA issued draft guidelines to minimize the practice of "valley fills" -- which bury streams and poison Appalachia's water sources -- unless they meet a high standard. And every day since, Big Coal has argued that the rules are too costly and need to be overturned.

Will you take a moment to tell the EPA to stand firm on limiting the devastating effects of mountaintop removal coal mining?

Go to to contact the EPA today, but hurry, the deadline is Dec 1st:

Submitting a comment takes just a few moments. Please, act now.

Thanks for all you do,

Matt Wasson

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