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Please don't forget them... there is much suffering to come, until Al Qaeda and Taliban (etcetera!) cease their sadistic murderous frenzy.

Afghanistan - OEF

Please remember The gifts we send overseas make their lives just a little bit better, a little safer, a little normal. It means a lot to them, and costs us nothing by comparison. Thanks...

Gratitude =

More of our kids and friends are heading to A'stan. They will need treats and necessaries. Please do not forget them. Invite others to help us, please - until they all come home safe for good. Thanks... Sir Blue


We need to gear up for a new deployment to the OEF theatre of this war... the fighters going there will need what TreatAnySoldier provides - for a little measure of normal life, or for daily survival and sanitation. Your help and support for this is vital…Read More
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