Stop the Card Check bill by joining the Virtual March on the National Mall

Organized labor is seeking to dramatically rewrite American labor law with legislation that would essentially abolish secret ballot elections during union organizing drives. By forcing workers out of the voting booth and subjecting them to a public 'card check' scheme, the bill would take privacy, power, and choice away from America's workers. The bill would also subject workers to binding contracts without a vote, and impose one-sided penalties that would only encourage unsavory “recruitment methods” by union organizers.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce leads the Workforce Freedom Initiative, a nationwide grassroots effort to defeat organized labor's anti-growth agenda.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the card check bill, H.R. 800, in 2007. It fell just 9 votes short in the U.S. Senate, and is bound to resurface in the next Congress.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce strongly opposes this anti-democratic legislation, and encourages you to send this important message to Congress through our Virtual March on Washington.

Let your voice be heard without leaving your computer by writing a letter to Congress and designing a 'virtual you' to demonstrate for worker freedom and democracy on the National Mall. Go to http://secretballot.voteforbusiness.net to get started.

1. Help stop the Card Check bill by contacting Congress via http://secretballot.voteforbusiness.net

2. Stop organized labor from stripping workers of a private vote in union organizing elections

3. Prevent government arbitrators from forcing binding contracts on employers and employees

4. Oppose one-sided penalties that may encourage union intimidation of workers during union organizing drives

5. Stand up to organized labor’s anti-growth agenda