Books are important. If you read your child will most likely want to read

Happy New Year ;-))

HAPPY 2015 ALL. Looking forward to some more positive posts..

Showing Love.

Children learn what they Live. It's so important for them to experience a stable loving family life where it is not looked on as 'weak' or 'lame' to show love and affection. Nothing makes a child feel better than knowing they are loved and when parents are…Read More

Our Daughters.

The role of fathers is often underplayed in the lives of their daughters. An absent father can create a lot of problems in a young black girls life and this can not be ignored. A father is the first man in a girl's life and he often teaches his daughter how…Read More

Black Fathers Matter!!!

Every time I hear about yet another of our children growing up without a strong male influence in their lives I feel that the role of strong black fathers and male role models is CRUCIAL. Not enough emphasis is laid on good fathers who play a vital role in…Read More

This is an important cause...

Because kids need a positive male model in their lives......

Help Black Fathers stay in their kids lives....

Because it's an important cause.....
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