VOTE OR DIE wants to use this opportunity to wish u and ur families A merry Christmas and a Happy New year in advance!! I want us to remember that Jesus Christ gave us an example of a sacrificial lifestyle! I want to urge u all to follow this example and think of what u can do for Nigeria not what Nigeria could have done 4 u or could do 4 u in d future! The situation in Nigeria did not happen by chance or luck. We foisted on ourselves the current socio-economic situation we are now in by ignoring the great impact that our political indifference could have on us. While countries like Singapore and Malaysia who were once our peers in the 70s are now counted among the top economies of the world we are still struggling as an under developed economy where 80% of WAEC Students are failing English Language and Mathematics year in year out. Our Hospitals have become worthless and infrastructure have decayed beyond what could have been imagined decades ago. Our agriculture is virtually dead and our Security Network is comatose to the extent that Armed Robbers even overwhelm armed police officers in shoot-outs! Over 70% of our working population are unemployed while 50% of the remaining 30% who are employed are underemployed. A situation where a University Graduate will be working as a Corporate Guard and as a Corporate Cleaner and as Drivers is totally condemnable.

It does not matter which Political Party or politician u want to vote for AS LONG AS U CAST UR VOTE and get all your friends and neighbors to do so. Enough of 50 years of complaint and zero action. Now let us give ourselves a fresh 50 years of political participation! The power lies with us. If u are not happy about the representation your Senator or Member of the House of Reps is giving u, this is your chance to kick them out of power. If you are not happy with the Representation u are getting at the Presidency this is your opportunity to kick them out. If you are happy with them, this is your opportunity to keep them in Power!! We want to appeal to you to make sure that you invite 75 of your friends everyday to this group and encourage your friends to do the same. One person at a time we can change the whole of Nigeria!! STOP COMPLAINING AND START AFFECTING YOUR NATION POSITIVELY!!

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