It is time to go beyond rhetoric or being a mere internet warrior - U need to go out there in October to register to vote and mobilize others to do d same - If u are serious about change in Nigeria, invite everyone on your friends list to join over a 1 month period by inviting 75 people per day to join. Remember - elections will begin in January 2011. We don't have much time 2 make an impact!! Be counted among the game changers!

It is kind of funny - We want people to come into the electoral process, make their votes count and vote in credible people- the 2011 elections is less than 4 months away and we are not doing anything to mobilize people ahead of the voters registration exercise coming up btw October and November - When the wrong people come in, we go an for another 4 years with angry face book tweets!

Can u imagine how many millions of Nigerians would still have been alive 2day if we have had top quality leadership from 1960 till date (50 yrs)?. Bad roads, poor hospital infrastructure, police brutality, religious crises, armed robbery, fake and adulterated drugs and food, ritual killing, collapsing buildings and bridges, militancy, kidnap 4 ransom etc has claimed millions of lives in Nigeria. Voting and making our votes count or doing the opposite could mean Life or Death for millions of Nigerians in the next 25 to 50 years.

Because Americans elected George Bush Jr - 4k mostly very young American soldiers paid with their lives in Iraq - Assuming Al Gore had won the election in 2000 those 4k soldiers would still have been alive. A hitler led Germany into a world war that led to the death of millions of Germans in the 40s. Our vote and how we handle it can determine how many more millions will be saved from the effects of misgovernance and "politricks"

Some of us say that our votes don't matter - 50 yrs of this warped and dangerous thinking that our votes don't matter has made us the 13th poorest nation on earth. This is bc we have allowed the worst people among us who belong within the 4 walls of a maximum security prison to hold sway and formulate policy and national agenda for us in the last 50 yrs - What did they say we will be celebrating on Oct. 1st?

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