Richmond-MORE is organized to create, protect,and promote mountain biking opportunities and trail access for riders of all skill levels in the Greater Metro Richmond Area

The Richmond Area Chapter of MORE was formed on May 22nd of 2004. The chapter was formed with former members of Mountain Bike Virginia, River City Velo Club and Petersburg Fallin Down Bash.

Along with cyclists new to the area we support local trail access and local cycling events. The focus is not entirely on work as we also like to enjoy the great trails and great folks of Richmond area cycling. To the credit of many hard working members in the club, we have doubled the size of singletrack in downtown Richmond and also received The "Bike/Walk Virginia's/Governor's Award" for "Best Urban Trails in Virginia." We have many more plans for future trails both within the Richmond City limits and the surrounding countries.

We've combined these excellent local traits with MORE, a DC and Maryland Area club with the infrastructure to allow us to concentrate on what we think is important, local riding and trails. We are the first chapter of MORE and have already realized some of the many benefits that come with belonging to a well organized club.

1. Richmond MORE advocates for access to multi-user trails and keeping trails open.

2. Richmond-MORE maintains multi-user trails in the Richmond area and adheres to IMBA guidelines.

3. Richmond-MORE promotes and organizes mountain bike rides in Richmond and throughout Virginia.