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NRCC State of the Union Text Chat!

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Tomorrow night, the NRCC is hosting a text2chat program for the SOTU address so folks watching nationwide can have a two-way discussion about the policies being presented that will affect their lives. This technology has never been used before on this scale and what I think is particularly exciting about it is the fact that we are creating a dialogue with concerned Americans --- not just a monologue as we’ve seen with the Democrats.

To participate, anyone with a mobile phone with internet capability can text “UNION” to 777218 to receive the link to the mobile chat room. In order to join in the chat, users simply text in what they want to share with others in the chat room. This technology allows anyone, anywhere, to engage with others about the policies being presented tomorrow night.

Following the State of the Union and the text2chat program, the NRCC will be hosting a streaming video Q&A session at, where users can submit questions online to be answered by Republican Members of Congress.

Also - as a reminder - at the end of January this page will be deactivated and we hope you will all become a Fan of the NRCC where we will keep you up-to-date on breaking news on elections throughout the country.

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Thanks again for all your support, and don't hesitate to contact us with how we can improve our efforts.


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