Department of Veteran Affairs are mandated to commemorate the fallen

With Remembrance Day approaching we are once again trying to promote the sacrifice of our Defence Force Members Killed-In-Action. Some have asked what the difference is in commemorating all (war memorial) as opposed to medallic recognition (KIA Clasp). …Read More

The Hon Luke Gosling, OAM and Member of Parliament Officially endorses KIA/KIS campaign

50.000 people support this Campaign but NOT the Australian Government... why?

The Campaign to Honour Australian Defence Force Members Killed-In-Action and complete their record of service has moved forward. We have close to 50,000 signatures on our Petition and Causes pages. SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION:…Read More

The Petition to Honouring Australia’s Fallen Defence Force Members: Killed-In-Action

Milestone May 2015

This campaign has now secured sponsorship to support the cost of 102,804 clasps for all Australian soldiers Killed In Action. Please support this campaign and share with your friends.…Read More

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