Honouring Australia’s Fallen Military, Police and Emergency Service Members Killed-In-Action/Killed-In-Service



It's an Honour!

'The greatest gift someone can give is their life and acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice is the right thing to do' - the Hon. Luke Gosling, OAM and Member of Parliament. 

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Story-telling has always played an important role in Nation-building and so the story of service and sacrifice is told through the medals of Australian Military, Police and Emergency Service members. This campaign seeks to recognise Australians who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, either whilst engaged in active operations or whilst serving our country overseas or here in Australia. 

We endeavour to honour that 'ultimate sacrifice' by the commissioning of 'Killed In Action' (KIA) and ‘Killed In Service’ (KIS) clasps for Australian military, police and emergency services medals.   

"I believe it will make the medal set, held and worn by the family of those that have paid the ultimate price, readily identifiable, as belonging to a serviceman or servicewoman that has been killed in the line of active duty or belonging to someone who has died whilst serving our country or community." - the Hon. Luke Gosling OAM. 

We call on the Australian Minister of Veteran Affairs the Hon. Dan Tehan MP to officially recognise the 'ultimate sacrifice' of Australian Military, Police and Emergency Service members. Not only is this the right thing to do but it is important to acknowledge, within the story of our Nation, that without their sacrifice we would not have the freedoms that so many Australians enjoy today.

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Why the Wattle?
It is appropriate to use the national symbol of wattle. Not only is wattle our national floral emblem but it is linked to the Australian Bravery Association, the Order of Australia awards system and the highest office of the land - our Governor General, so it holds an appropriately prestigious place in the life of our nation. 

Why a Black Wattle?
A strip of black material is generally worn around the upper arm as a mark of respect for someone who has recently died. The black wattle infers the same reference of respect.

Why the Golden text? The golden text was chosen for 'KIA' to distinguish it from other medallic recognition on medals. The design affords the KIA a position of prominence on the member's medal set.

"Regardless of the design, it is support for the principle that must be achieved" - the Hon. Luke Gosling, OAM

What about Cost?
Pledges have been tentatively made to help support associated costs. Families of eligible recipients would submit a request for the KIA/KIS clasp administered under the same guidelines that apply for other awards.

(Other criteria (Wounded) inform a more detailed brief previously provided to the Government.)

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*This concept is the initiative of WO1 Kerry Danes in honour of his fallen comrades and all those who have served in the Australian Defence Force and who have been Killed-In-Action. The concept also includes military, police and emergency services members Killed-In-Service.