To Establish a Military Award for Australian Defence Personnel killed in Service to their Country

Australia has not had any significant War losses (KIA) since the Vietnam conflict, and in recent years the nature of our military engagements have led to the greater use of small Special Forces teams in conflict, placing a highlight on those that lose their life in combat. This idea of this campaign was first suggested by a member of the Australian Special Forces, who has lost men in conflict, and has suggested that the soldiers should have some special recognition of the supreme sacrifice they have made for our country, for families to wear with pride on special occasions, a medal that signifies this sacrifice etc.

I would like to see a groundswell of support to convince our political leaders to create a special MEDAL for Australia's fallen troops, as a post-humous award, to be ultimately received by their family, beyond just the ADM.

1. Currently there is no distinguishing between a soldier killed in service to their country and a soldier/Veteran who has died of non-related service.

2. All Australian Defence Personnel who have been Killed in Action (KIA) should be recognised with a Posthumous Medal beyond just the ADM