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367 rhinos poached during the first 150 days of 2013


Yes, these numbers are extremely upsetting and the devastating effect on the remaining genepool is unprecedented.

Firstly, allow me to thank every one of the 9,178 people that support this cause! Each one of you made a difference, thank you, with your support we managed to grow the membership of this cause to the where it is today.

A special word of appreciation to everyone who made financial contribution, WWF and AWF will certainly ensure that the contributions are appropriately applied to Rhino Protection and conservation projects.

Rhinos are still being poached at an even more alarming rate in South Africa. It still makes news headlines at least once a week, when we hear about another poaching incident. 2012 ended with 668 rhinos killed for their horns, that is nearly 2 rhinos a day.

2013, and the slaughter continues at an alarming rate - to date 30 May 2013 (5 months or 150 days) and 367 have been killed by poachers. That number excludes the ones hunted with legal permits issued by the South African Government. That equates to nearly 2.5 rhino poachers per DAY!!!

Many media groups are still involved and are trying their best to raise awareness about rhino poaching. Especially Jacaranda FM and Talk Radio 702 are leading the awareness drives. Thank you to those involved, your voices reach millions of ears, which will make a difference. Eyewitness News (the news engine of radio 702) does a sterling job in this regard.
Here is a link to their web site that cover news clips about poaching incidents and protection initiatives.

Please continue to invite your friends and contacts to join and support this cause. Every little bit awareness make a difference. Awareness results in pressure on governments and private organisations to step up to the expectations of the country and the world.

I still hope to see thousands of your friends as members of this cause. If every one of us recruit just 1 of our friends in the next month, the group will double in numbers. Can we grow this group to the biggest cause for Rhino protection and conservation by growing it to 20,000 members?

Lastly, it is very expensive for the private sector to protect rhinos to keep them alive. If it is possible, please donate a minimum of a single dollar. If every member donate single dollar, were will be more than $10,000 to protect rhinos.

All the best until next time.

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