To raise global awareness about current poaching onslaught on the rhino populations of Africa.

DID YOU KNOW... that during 2010, more than 333 rhinos were killed by poachers in SA. Here's the rhino poaching statistics of the past 10 years:
2000 - 7,
2001- 6,
2002 - 25,
2003 - 22,
2004 - 10,
2005 -13,
2006 -24,
2007 - 13,
2008 - 83,
2009 - 122,
2010 - 333,
2011 - 443,
2012 - 28 in first 15 days

Where is it going to end? When every rhino on earth is dead?
We cannot allow this to happen. Every person on earth has an obligation to protect the wildlife, and in particular the rhinos that are under severe thread, as the stats indicate.

This cause has the following goals:
• To raise global awareness of the epic proportions of rhino poaching in South Africa.
• To raise funds to safeguard and protect rhinos.

Please support this cause and create a voice for the rhinos. Every little bit of support, is a voice that objects to the destruction of these magnificent animals.

1. In 2008 more than 80 Rhinos were poached in South Africa - this is what we know about.

2. In 2010 more than 333 rhinos were illegally killed for their horns.

3. The genetic diversity of the White and Black Rhinos are critical for healthy populations. Deminishing numbers are threating the species' future

4. Your support is needed to assist with the protection of rhinos.

5. Every Rhino that is killed is one too many, help us find solutions, because people alone cannot protect wild roaming rhinos 24x7.