Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse

Dear Family & Friends,

The goal of this campaign is to generate awareness surrounding a cause that is very important to me. At the age of five years old, I became a victim of sexual abuse through a neighborhood babysitter. These events have impacted my life over the past 25 years and I’m sure it’s something I’ll wrestle with for years to come. Fortunately I’ve been raised by a loving family and have been able to find a great deal of healing through various counselors and small groups at Crossroads Community Church.

In one of my small groups, counselors stressed that victims generally go through three stages of recovery including: victim, survivor and thriver. In order to get to the thriving stage, you need to understand the mind of perpetrator and truly explore your past and present to discover the truth about you. If this information is never identified and dealt with, it’s hard for the victim to ever move beyond the feelings of bitterness, guilt, anger, self doubt, etc. I can honestly say that I’ve made some significant strides over the past 6 months and I’m ready to leverage my learning’s in an effort to combat this prevalent issue.

As noted below, the statistics are staggering:
- Approximately 90% of child victims know their abusers, leaving only 10% of child victims abused by strangers.
- Of that 90%, 30% of abusers are family.
- 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18.
- Most children will never tell anyone about their abuse because of shame or to protect their family.
- An estimated 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse exist in America today.

In an effort to diminish some of these outrageous figures, I’ve partnered with a program called Darkness to Light (www.darkness2light.org). This organization raises awareness of the prevalence and consequences by educating adults about the steps they can take to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse.

That being said, I’m reaching out to my family and friends in an effort to raise over $50,000 in the next three years. Please take a few minutes to click on the below link to make a donation to my preferred organization. Also, please acknowledge my name under the ‘additional information’ section so that we can track how much money is raised through this dedicated campaign.

Lastly, this is not a campaign about me. This is about breaking a vicious cycle and helping other victims find the strength to seek help and move beyond the pain.

I have included several links that will provide you with information on how you can contribute to my fight against child sexual abuse and how you can spread the word amongst family and friends. I have also included a link that provides you with resources if you or someone you know needs to seek professional help.

I appreciate your ongoing support and your contributions will bring this issue to the forefront and prevent it from happening to others.

Brennan J. Hill

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Seek Help through National Resources for Child Sexual Abuse

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