Thanksgiving wishes

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Remember, our "Senior Pics for Peach" campaign is in its second year. SRP makes a $50 donation to the Miranda Fund, in the name of every high school senior we work with. To date, our two-year total has just topped the $8,000 mark!…Read More


As the school year comes to a close, I just wanted to say "thanks" for being a part of our Senior Pics for Peach Facebook community. Solid Rock Photos made donations to the Miranda Fund, in the name of every senior that we shot, totalling $3900. What an…Read More

new website!

Solid Rock Photos has launched a new, senior-focussed website with lots of new pics, cool new "rockstar" branding, and... you guessed it - a page for Peach! enjoy!

Check out the new "Pics for Peach" home base... our new website!
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